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Helicopter Private Pilot’s licence PPL(H) Courses in Gloucestershire

Helicopter Pilot's Training Requirements

You can start learning to fly as early as you like but no flight time can be counted towards the licence until you are 14 years old. At 16 years old you can go solo and at 17 you can hold the PPL(H) licence after successfully passing the flight test.
If you have no previous aviation experience you will need a minimum of 45 hours flight time which comprises:
* 25 hours minimum dual instruction
* 10 hours minimum solo flight time of which 5 hours is solo navigation
* a solo cross country navigation flight of at least 100 nautical miles with 3 full stop landings at different aerodromes
* 2 hours of simulated instrument flight time

Helicopter Ground exams

There are 9 multiple choice ground exams that you will need to pass and in addition a Radiotelephony oral exam. These exams are all done in house.
* Aviation Law
* Communications (written)
* Navigation
* Human performance
* Meteorology
* Principles of Flight
* Aircraft General
* Flight Performance and Planning
* Operational Procedures
* Radiotelephony exam (oral)
There is an excellent range of books designed for the course. These exams are generally self study but guidance will be given on how best to tackle them.

Once qualified as a Private Pilot you will need to do a check flight every 12 months in each of the types of helicopter that you fly.

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