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These rates are per hour flown excluding VAT


R22 - £310

Pre-paid block 10 hours £300

R44 - £460

Pre-paid block 10 hours £450

Type Rating Conversions:

R22 and R44 prices as above

Landing/circuit fees at Gloucester airport are INCLUDED in all training rates towards initial licence issue.
However, self fly hire incurs a landing fee.

Self Fly Hire

R22 - £250.00

R44 - £400.00

Self Fly hire landing fees

R22 £10.00

R44 £20.00

General Fees:

Own Aircraft:

PC £150.00

All training £120.00

Type Skills Test £200.00

PC £200.00

PPL (H) LST £300.00

Type Skills Test £250.00

Written Tests £30.00

Skill test £400.00

Dual flight time is charged engine on to engine off. Tests on school aircraft are charged at dual rate.

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Prices correct as at March 12 2021